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New report: "Phishing" emails from non-Vendio domains
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We are aware of several instances of "phishing" emails being sent to Vendio customers.  These emails are sent out by individuals who are hoping to gain access to your Vendio account.  The normal pattern is that the email will indicate that there is something wrong with your Vendio account, or more recently, may indicate that you have requested a password change.  There will be a link in the email, which will appear to be a Vendio link (but which will redirect to a non-Vendio domain such as

Note that if you receive a legitimate email from Vendio, it will never require a login from the link in the email.  You can always log into your Vendio account to check the status of your account.  If you did not request a password change, please just log into your Vendio account to verify that your credentials are still current.  If you have any doubt, please copy and paste a copy of the email into this form (along with the email header if you can) and we will verify if it is legitimate or not.